Project Greenhouse: New Plans for 2020

This time last year, my thoughts turned to the removal of a raised bed to make room for a self-designed greenhouse, though it was almost four months before the raised bed and its contents were finally gone, and too late in the year to start building.

20191105 (1)

Now I can resurrect the greenhouse plans I’d put on hold – slightly updated to take account of the space available, but pretty much the same size.  I originally thought of having three separate greenhouses, each 70 x 70 centimetres (the width of a sheet of twin-wall poly-carbonate and slightly over the width of the previous raised bed, which will hide the old wall foundations).

20200102 Final Plans With the two compost bins already in place (and too full to move) there is still plenty of room to play with – wriggle-room if you will – which currently leaves a 400 – 600  mm gap (16 inches) between one end of the greenhouse and the first compost bin.

I have simplified the structure into one, with a single door in the middle.

20200119 (2)RR

The side cross-bars will act as shelf supports. The greenhouse backs onto and will be fixed to the brick wall of my husband’s shed, so the wooden uprights don’t need to be more than 4″ x 4″ – but it depends what we have in the shed. I refuse to pay out for wood when the shed is full of posts and beams of differing lengths and thickness.

20200119 (3)RR 20200119 (4)RR

I don’t have a scanner at the moment so had to photograph these sketches – which is why the image below looks out of shape.

20200119 (1)RR

But it’s easier to visualise when there is a (almost) scale model – and I had a spare hour or two, and plenty of craft cardboard so . . .

20200119 Model Greenhouse (7)RR

Now we’ve just got to build it!

It may not be very large, but it will give me plenty of room for seedlings and cuttings in the spring, and (with shelving removed) somewhere to grow tomatoes or peppers perhaps. It won’t get a lot of sun in the summer (shaded by my neighbour’s trees – still), but it will be warm, especially with the brick wall retaining heat.

There might even be room for a deckchair!

And it will be a step up from this mini-greenhouse in my shed.

20190224 (4)


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    1. Thank you – I can’t wait to start, but am reliant on my husband AND the weather. First thing to do is see what wood we have in the shed and what we might need to buy in (he’d buy all new but I’m trying to be sustainable 🙂 ) I do want it to go up fairly soon as I intend to start seedlings off in my mini-greenhouse then move them into the new one to grow on, but we’be a while yet.

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