Six on Saturday: 25 January 2020

20200108 (2)

A grey day, thankfully dry and mild.  Hellebore Christmas Carol finally decided to flower, and very pretty is it too, brightening up the shady part of the front border.

In the mini greenhouse, the rosemary cuttings I took last year are (mostly) growing well. There have been some losses, which may be down to over-watering, but on the whole there will be enough there for me to use to divide my allotment bed into three sections.

20200124 (17) 20200124 (18)

Outside, the dwarf narcissi I rescued from the Very Shady Border (now Compost Corner) are growing well, with buds beginning to show. Once they’ve finished flowering, I’ll just decant them into the front border and leave the leaves on so I can see where they are when I come to plant new shrubs.

20200124 (25)  20200124 (26)

And in the front border, a few brave crocuses have managed to push their way through the layer of topsoil I put down in autumn.

20200124 (27)  20200124 (28)

And this bud/shoot bodes well for the clematis Montana in the shady border.

20200124 (23)

as does this honeysuckle bud.

20200124 (24)

Grab a coffee (or hot drink of choice) and take a few minutes to check out other garden offerings over at The Propagator’s blog. You might need to return several times throughout the weekend.


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