20200208 (5)

We’re waiting for Storm Ciara to make an appearance, though I think we might be okay for a few hours yet. The sun is shining but the clouds are starting to gather overhead. Because of our mountainous (sort of) and rural location, we’ve taken a few precautions – mainly filling flasks with hot water and bringing logs for the wood burner nearer the back door and under cover.

These are the ‘before’ pictures – I really hope I don’t have to post any ‘after’.

20200207 (1)

My pots by the back door are doing well. By pure chance, the colour of the surprise primula matches the cyclamen). These should be safe as they are sheltered by the conservatory.

20200207 (3)

These rescued narcissi should be opening soon, if they’re not blown over first.

20200207 (4)

This little cyclamen doesn’t look like much, but it will have a few tiny flowers eventually. The corm is only slightly smaller than the diameter of its pot. I estimate it to be at least thirty-five years old, if not more. (We’ve been in this house for thirty-three years and it was empty for at least three years prior to that).

20200207 (5)

This fuchsia has lots of new growth coming through. It should be the perfect size to plant out in the front border towards the end of April.

20200207 (6)

No, this is not the work of a local North-Wales dung-beetle but the first shoots of my alliums – grown for the first time last year and left in the same pot. There should be five!

20200207 (10)

If you are currently experiencing or expecting ‘adverse weather conditions’, wherever you are this weekend, stay safe and keep checking The Propagator’s blogfor more garden posts from around the world.

You can track Storm Ciara – and other weather/wind conditions in your part of the world on this handy interactive map.