Six on Saturday: 15 February 2020

Goodbye Ciara: Hello Dennis.

Please pass through quickly and without damaging our plants.

20200207 (8)

Clematis montanna  in the rear shady border – growing well.

20200207 (13)

The fuchsia in the front sunny border has new growth too.

20200207 (19)

Still waiting for my sprouts – they could be some time. The largest is about the size of . . . a small sprout!!!!

20200207 (15)

The first crocuses are looking good.

20200207 (17)

A rare glimpse of the front sunny border – there’s usually a car blocking the view. The rather scruffy concrete block wall was here before we were. I don’t want to paint it but it is looking a bit grim and depressing. Any suggestions?

20200207 (12)

With rain battering the windows and slates rattling on the roof, I’ll be spending most of the weekend checking out other Six-on Saturday’s. You can find them in the comments on The Propagator’s Blog.

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 15 February 2020

  1. My Clematis Montana is way behind. It is only 18 months old and on the North side of the shed. It has nearly reached the top of the shed so hopefully the increase in sun next year will make it sprout sooner. I don’t know what the answer is with this breeze blocks of you don’t want to paint them. Perhaps organise Banksie to do a one off gardening special.

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    1. 😀 we have enough wannabe banksies in the village without encouraging them!! Perhaps there is brick-coloured exterior paint? My clematis montana are around the same age as yours. They are on the north side of a low wall, which shades their roots but allows sun on the shoots. I’m hoping they’ll start to bulk out this year.

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    2. Ah yes I was thinking last night about having a wee trip to Port Talbot to have a look at the Banksie. I have traveled down to Bristol to see the ones down there when I was visiting friends to see the ones down there. I will have to go and see the new one he revealed in Bristol this weekend. I am a little bit obsessed with him TBH.

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  2. Amazing what is coming on with mild weather. We had a similar breeze block wall. When we got the house rendered we got it done as well. Looks smart but not a massively cheap option. Tiles maybe? Or trailing plants?

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  3. Your crocus are looking good! Mine are a little bent and flattened at present, but at least they came up! Could you find an art student to paint something you would like on that wall? We had some really ugly chairs, benches and walls in town and the art students from the schools got them as projects…..and wow they look good now! Makes you want to walk through town and look for them!

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