Goodbye Ciara: Hello Dennis.

Please pass through quickly and without damaging our plants.

20200207 (8)

Clematis montanna  in the rear shady border – growing well.

20200207 (13)

The fuchsia in the front sunny border has new growth too.

20200207 (19)

Still waiting for my sprouts – they could be some time. The largest is about the size of . . . a small sprout!!!!

20200207 (15)

The first crocuses are looking good.

20200207 (17)

A rare glimpse of the front sunny border – there’s usually a car blocking the view. The rather scruffy concrete block wall was here before we were. I don’t want to paint it but it is looking a bit grim and depressing. Any suggestions?

20200207 (12)

With rain battering the windows and slates rattling on the roof, I’ll be spending most of the weekend checking out other Six-on Saturday’s. You can find them in the comments on The Propagator’s Blog.