Six on Saturday: 22 February 2020

After the departure of Storm Dennis last weekend, never have I been so grateful for where we live.  While living 208 metres above sea level has its challenges, one of them will never be flooding.

If you have been affected by floodwater, you have my sympathy and my respect.

Here, in North-east Wales, wind was the problem, though not as severe inland as on the coast.  Then we had more rain – and even more rain.

But this morning, at least, the sun is out and we are off the the community garden for a volunteers day where we will attempt to repair the fence blown over by Storm Ciara two weeks ago. The sun may be out, but it’s not warm and we will be appropriately dressed in an assortment of thermal undies, old fleeces from our walking days, thick socks and wellingtons. It won’t be a pretty sight.

So here’s my ‘Six’ prepared earlier in the week.

Storm damage was limited to a fallen birdfeeder and some rather battered crocus.

20200217 (11)

And further along the front border, another crocus – a darker purple than this photo suggests – made a bid for freedom.

20200217 (13)

Outside the back door, the narcissi are coming along nicely

20200217 (2)

as is the iris reticulata Joyce.

20200217 (4)C RR

and the primula on the other side of the pot

20200217 (5)

In the Shady Border in the back garden, the first peony is putting up new shoots.

20200217 (6)

I hope the weather is better where you are and you have a chance to get out into the garden. If not, why not have a look at The Propagator’s Blog and keep warm inside.

I’ll be back later to read everyone’s posts.


6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 22 February 2020

  1. Lovely to see the spring flowers emerging despite all the terrible weather you’ve had. I have only one peony and it has never flowered in five years!

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  2. Wow, I don’t cut back my peonies! Hmmmmm I may be doing that wrong……I have three in the front all under trees, which they say is not good at all and they all get huge, with loads of blooms, every year…… I have one in a garden bed that I foo-foo over and it gets plenty of sunshine, but fails to bloom … just gets big and bushy. Great SOS!

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    1. Thank you for reading. If your peonies are doing well under trees, leave them be. It could be the trees are taking a lot of moisture leaving the peonies in dryish conditions. Mine are in raised beds, some in summer shade, some in full sun. Perhaps yours are tree peonies? Mine aren’t.


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