Last Sunday, after a wet morning, the sun came out for the afternoon. Though there was a cold wind, it was lovely and warm in my ‘shed’, so I took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours pottering.

First, I emptied the two sacks that had contained Charlotte potatoes destined for Christmas Dinner, but not needed. There weren’t many, and some were quite small, but at least they hadn’t all rotted away.

20220223 (5)

Second, I pruned and repotted the rosemary cuttings I’d taken last year.  I’d lost eight, but still have twenty-one left.

20220223 (6)

They’ve now been potted up into larger pots, two in each. I grew these for my allotment bed as dividers between each ‘third’, and am hoping to form them into mini-hedges.

Due to the consistancy of the top soil used to fill the beds, it will be too rich and wet for the rosemary (and lavender) I want to use, so by keeping them in pots and burying them, they’ll have the conditions they like and, if the community garden project has to move premises, it will be easier to dig them up to bring home.

Third on my list of jobs, was to empty three large pots that have been outside on one of my raised beds all winter. I had forgotten what was in each, but I knew one contained parsnips and the others carrots.

With no confidence at all, I upended each pot in turn and spread the compost out.


Pot 1 – Several parsnips of varying sizes.

20220223 (7)

Parsnip Seeds 3.2 2F

Pots 2 and 3 – a selection of carrots – they’ll look better when they’re cleaned. Looking forward to tasting the coloured ones – steamed with a little butter!

20220223 (8)

Though I have no trees in my garden, I do have the benefit of my neighbours’, so it was nice to see the first blossom on one of my neighbour’s trees.


We’ve been trying to get to see the snowdrop display at a local National Trust property, but the weather kept defeating us as, while we were (sort of) prepared to visit in the rain, the hight winds mean they kept closing. But we made it, in snow/sleet yesterday. I’ll share some images next week.

I have never grown or bought snowdrops for the garden BUT this little one turned up among the rescues narcissi and I have no idea where it came from. And there are more to come!!

20200225 (4) RR


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