Six on Saturday: 14 March 2020

10th March already and hardly a seed sown. Of those that are, my curly cress is doing well!

20200308 (3)

I’m really pleased I rescued and planted all my narcissi bulb – and a few daffodils – as they really brighten up the area by the back door (especially on yet another wet and windy day), as does the mixed pot. The narcissi are destined for the front border later in the year.

20200308 (4)

Sheltered from the prevailing winds in the rear Shady Border, this peony doesn’t seem to realise that it’s too soon to be sending shoots of this lenght up. The clematis Montana, also in this bed, are full of buds – you’ll have to take my word for it as my little camera preferred to focus on the trellis behind the buds instead.

20200313 (3)

With the coronavirus now confirmed in North Wales, we made a last-minute bid for freedom yesterday, calling at the Builder’s Merchant to order the timber for our new greenhouse (the wood arrived this morning); then on to the supermarket for our monthly shop (no loo rolls). ASDA were selling 3 packets of vegetable seeds (Unwins) for £4 and medium-sized square pots 10 for £1.

We then called at our local Charlies store (a down-market version of The Range – with less furniture and more animal feed –  for those who don’t have one) where I bought some cat-litter trays (excellent to stand pots and modules in at a fraction of the price of a ‘proper’ gravel tray) and a 5 pack of large module trays for £2.49, which I thought reasonable as they’ll last more than one year.

20200313 (5)

Charlies were selling some vegetable seeds at 99p a pack – so I stocked up on salad leaves and Kale. I sowed some in one of my new modules – I just hope they germinate in this compost soil muck.

20200313 (4)

Though they look a little rough, there is new growth on these lavender cuttings. I expect they appreciate being in the greenhouse/shed after being outside all winter!

20200313 (6)

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a good one and – if the weather isn’t so good – take a look at The Propagator’s Blog to see what everyone else is up to – or not!

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  1. Glad you have got your panic buying sorted – seeds and seed trays and greenhouse wood, perfect! My little camera does exactly the same, it is very annoying. I try to change the settings but I still haven’t cracked the code. 🙂

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