Six on Saturday: 21 March 2020

The sun is out, but there’s a cold wind blowing. So much has changed on just one week; either Spring really is here, or I’ve just had more time to notice what is happening around me. Building a greenhouse (more about that in a separate post), making rabbit-proof cages for the allotment, sowing seeds . . . all mean I have spent several hours outside each day.

This fuchsia was a cutting taken this time last year and buds are already appearing.

20200319 (5)

In the front border, more dwarf narcissi. Not sure which variety. They’ve been in this border for at least five years and are clumping up nicely.

20200319 (7)  20200319 (8)

As is Autumn Joy, which I’m still going to call a Sedum! I finally got around to taking some cuttings.

20200319 (19)

This astilbe is also unfurling, and it has reminded me that these did not do at all well last year, yet they haven’t grown large enough to need dividing. Maybe they are just coming to the end of their natural life. An excuse for some new ones and/or a change of planting scheme (fuchsias and hebes perhaps?).

20200319 (9)

Finally, a look along the seldom-seen side of the house. The VERY SHADY side of the house.  While my neighbour’s forsythia may be pretty and colourful, all this will grow over the wall and we will have a constant battle to prevent it rubbing off our render.

20200319 (14)

Whether you’re self-isolating in the garden or indoors, have a great weekend and find some time to check out The Progagators blog to see what everyone is up to.

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 21 March 2020

  1. The fuschias are coming on very early. Some of mine haven’t really stopped flowering with the mild winter. I divided a big chunk of sedum last year and I think that has spread it along the border enough now. I like a plantt that goes a long way. Always feels like a good purchase.

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    1. I stuck some fuchsia prunings in a bucket of water last autumn, mainly to allow the bees to get the last of the flowers. I ‘forgot’ about them and now they’ve all rooted – still in the bucket which is full of water. I’ll pop them into a pot this week. I think there are at least 8 – and all for free.


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