20200312 Plan RR

12 March

We finally got around to calculating what supplies we will need to complete this modest project.

The frame will be built of 3 x 2 inch treated timber, which comes in 3600mm lengths (just short of 12 feet).

After making a small adjustment to the height of the front of the green house (reducing it by 25mm only), we will be able to get all the uprights, roof supports, cross pieces, and shelf supports, with only a small amount of wastage.

We need:

  • 2 x 2400 mm roof beams
  • 6 x 2000 mm uprights (2 x 2000 and 4 x 1800)
  • 8 x 600 mm side supports (4 each side)
  • 16 x 600 mm shelf supports (8 front, 8 back, 4 each side – instead of the 3 each side shown in the plan above).

The cross pieces and shelf supports will be adjusted as necessary.

We need 9 lengths at a cost of £4.15 per length = £37.35.

The greenhouse will be covered with twin-wall polycarbonate sheets

  • 2 x 2000 x 700 mm (for the sides)
  • 3 x 2000 x 1050 mm (for the front and door – cut down to 800 mm)
  • 1 x 2500 x 900 mm (for the roof – though we have to buy 2500 x 1050mm and cut it down)

With the coach bolts, screws, and plastic screw covers my husband already bought, we estimate the total cost will be approximately £160.00.

A similar (but not exact) size – off the shelf – made of aluminium and glass is £400.00 minimum – add floor, vents, rainwater collection sustem etc., and the price jumps to over £600.


DAY ONE – 16 March

For once the weather forecasters said we would have dry and sunny weather – and we did! A light frost first thing, but not enough to stop us getting out into the garden to make a start on the greenhouse.

20200316 (1) RR

The wood was delivered at the weekend so once the area was cleared of the pots and accumulated junk, we made a start.

First one side – to get the sizes right. Fortunately we had a short piece of 700mm wide polycarbonate sheet, which helped.

20200316 (3) RR

In place (but not yet screwed to the wall)

20200316 (4) RR

And then there were two!

 20200316 (8)

DAY TWO – 17th March

20200317 (5) RR     20200317 (8) RR

A long day – 6 hours (with a short coffee and lunch break). We just need to put some battens on the shed wall, to match the three on the two front sections. These are for my removable shelves.


DAY THREE – 23rd March

20200323 (2)   

The (removable) shelves have gone in!

20200323 (5)      20200323 (6)

20200323 (9)

DAY 4 – 24th March

We started work at 8:45 and finished at 2:45 (with breaks). Just the door to make, but we’ve wedged a plastic sheet in temporarily while we take a break.

20200324 (8)

In case you’re wondering, we’ve left the protective plastic cover on otherwise we’ll forget which side has the UV protection, which has to face outwards (or upwards).


As each pack of sheets came double-wrapped in bubble wrap, we will be OK for some stress-relieving bubble popping in the coming weeks. Or I could just use it on my raised beds to raise the temperature!

Another project ticked off the list

Day 6 – 25th March

Filling up nicely – and I’ve found a use for some of that bubble-wrap too!