20200325Whatever else is going on in the world, those of us who live in Wales and England can’t complain about the glorious weather we’ve had this week. This was Wednesday. It’s a lot duller and colder today.

Monday and Tuesday we worked on my new greenhouse – to be known as the Tiny Greenhouse – (to the right of the picture below). You can read about that here – if you have a spare minute or two.

On Thursday, I moved all my narcissi pots to the middle terrace of the patio to give them some sun. Then I had to water them all! I never thought I’d be saying this after February’s bad weather but – we need some rain!

20200326 (1)

The ‘modern art’ scuplture is my allotment cages. No rush for those yet. Though the PM said we can still go to our allotments, I have to drive to mine. Not sure if that would be classed as non-essential travel.

I also set up another water butt round the side of the house and linked it to the main one. I’m using it as additional water storage to the main one.

Time to start clearing and tidying Raised Bed A.


20200326 (3)


20200326 (4)

I’ve moved all my leeks into one place (some might not be leeks but they smell ‘oniony’). Maybe they’ll grow a bit larger now.

20200326 (5)

And I’ve planted some of the rooted fuchsia trimmings, using the shadier – and more difficult to reach – rear of the bed as a temporary nursery.

20200326 (7)

Plans for the week ahead (depending on the weather)

  • Dig all the soil out of Raised Bed B and remove stones, old bricks and mortar and any lingering Japanese anemone plants (to plant elsewhere) or aquilegia seedlings (for composting by the council).
  • Plant out the fuchsia cuttings I raised last year into the front garden border in place of the peonies I dug out.
  • Start some of my chitted potatoes in bags in the Tiny Greenhouse.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, spare some time to see what everyone else is up to on The Propagator’s blog.