Six on Easter Saturday: 11 April 2020

This week I’ve worked in the garden every day; even the front (taking more care to social distance than people passing by)!

We’ve recycled our old washing machine into:

  1. A stylish new planter, which is now the other side of the conservatory filled with Desiree potatoes (inside a liner) together with all the other potatoes that should have been going into my allotment bed this weekend. I’ve since added four pots and a dustbin.

20200409 (1) 20200411

2.  And as temporary storage bin for bags of rubble and stones from the raised bed I’ve just cleared. (It’s full).

20200407 (7)

3. In the front garden there are still clumps of dwarf narcissi yet to flower, but they’re nearly ready.

20200409 (3)

4. I also dug out an old lilac tree stump and removed most of the creeping campanula, replacing it with a small(ish) hebe and some crocus bulbs from a few pots.


20200409 (2)
Spring 2020

5. I’ve planted out my fuchsia cuttings – some have flowers on them already

20200409 (13) 20200409 (4)

6. The greenhouse is complete! And full (mainly of potatoes).

20200407 (11)

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, stay safe and well, and close to home. Check out what other gardeners are up to here.

7 thoughts on “Six on Easter Saturday: 11 April 2020

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m trying to potter with purpose, but with my allotment plans on hold, I’m just cramming everything in wherever there is a space and crossing fingers it will all grow and be edible. It is lovely to have our own spaces though, with all that is going on outside.

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