Six on Saturday: 6 June 2020

I’m starting this week’s Six with a question about carnivorous plants – pitcher plants in particular. This one is Sarracenia farnhamii hybrid, which is a cross between Sarracenia leucophylla x Sarracenia rubra. It’s in a 3 inch pot. I’ve had it for 6 months and it’s put on lots of new growth with roots coming out of the bottom of the pot.

20200415 (63) IMG_20200604_155655440

Is it time to move it into a slightly larger pot? I don’t want to divide it yet.

I’m currently sourcing specialist compost from my local garden centre; other online suggestions are peat moss/sphagnum moss mixed with perlite. I’m wondering about mixing coir (from a block) with perlite.

Do you grow these plants successfully? Any tips would be gratefully received. It sits on an East facing windowsill but does get full sun until mid-afternoon in summer. (I don’t have any south-facing windows).

Last week, Jim over at Garden Ruminations shared a photograph of (some) his freshly-cleaned and well-regimented plant pots – and I had plant-pot envy! (I did comment but it disappeared). So last Monday, after I had (foolishly, because of the heat) planted out some annuals in the front garden, I decided to gather all my pots, give them a good wash, then measure and sort them.

20200601 (1)

I counted 138 ‘spare’ pots, a walk down memory lane as some still had original labels on them. Buddleia daviddi I remembered; also Lady Penelope climbing rose. But Astrantia? They’ve long gone (I don’t even remember them). And apparently I once had a Nelly Moser clematis (obviously didn’t last long enough to make an impression). 

There never seems to be a good time of day to photograph my emerging peonies. It’s too shaded in the front garden in the morning, and too bright from noon onwards. The one on the right is Sarah Bernhardt. If anyone can hazard a guess at the other one . . .

20200601 (7) 20200601 (8)

20200602 (1) 20200602 (2)

Summer is the perfect time to take lavender cuttings. I managed to find these few shoots with no flowers. I have a mixture of Munstead (pale flowers) and Hidcote (dark flower).

20200602 (4)

Hiding behind the lavender cuttings is the ‘potting tray’ I asked my husband to make. As you can see it’s more of a potting box, and I had some spare paint so . . .

20200602 (3)

It rained heavily on Wednesday, and we had showers since, so everything had a good soaking. I swear I could hear the ground sucking up the raindrops. Hopefully my onions (outer edges of raised beds) will fatten up now.

20200603 (1)

As it’s another ‘changeable’ forecast for today – and the wind is getting up – I’m not planning on doing anything in the garden, though I’ll have to check the greenhouse for anything looking a bit dry.




13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 6 June 2020

  1. Your carnivorous plants are doing very well indeed! I have not invested in any as I am sure I will kill them. A Venus flytrap that I bought many years ago did not survive the year. It will be interesting to read what advice you get about your pitcher plants. Your peonies are really pretty.

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    1. Thank you. Online advice on carnivorous plants is conflicting, I can get peat but not peat moss, vermiculite but not perlite. I’ll have to worm my way into a specialist Facebook group I think. Peonies are great – nearly all in flower now. Such a short season.

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  2. What a lovely after-dinner read! I mentioned to another SOXer that I just love a good turn of phrase that catches my eye (ear)…. so when you write about plant-pot envy, that gets logged with me!
    Photographing in bad light? Are you an early riser? I find best time is between 6-7am…. just saying…

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  3. So many of you SoSers are much more conscientious than I! My confession? I never clean my pots. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, or sitting around kills off anything nasty.

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    1. Lisa, I was just fed up of taking a pot out of the cupboard and dropping old soil all over the potting shed floor. I promise most of them haven’t been washed since before the millenium 😀


  4. Everything looks very neat and tidy on your patio. I did a plant tray wash this week after seeing Jim’s post! I didn’t realise I had so many trays, but they are all nice and clean now. Next to wash the spare plastic pots. And thank you for the reminder to take lavender cuttings. I might give that a go.

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  5. Your sarracenia is doing very well, I’m afraid I known nothing about them so can’t help. Gorgeous peonies, I feel I am the only person in the universe who hasn’t got one. Perhaps next year. Glad you have got some rain, we so need it! Enjoy your week 🙂

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