Are you seeing ALL comments made on your posts?

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I’ve noticed recently that when I leave a comment on some posts, they don’t show up. At first I thought it was just a delay because the internet was/is extra busy since lockdown. But now I think it could be certain settings on some WordPress blogs.

So if I have ‘liked‘ your blog post, I might have left a comment too – but have you seen it?

Now it could be that you don’t want to read comments from me – and that’s fine – you don’t have to.

But it might be that you have changed your settings without realising; or this new WordPress Editor has changed things; or you’ve changed your theme and the old setting haven’t all carried over.

Sometimes you just need to do some basic housekeeping and check who is commenting on your posts, and what they are saying.

In case you don’t know how to check if comments are waiting for you to accept (or reject), and don’t know (or have forgotten) where your WP Spam Box is, this might help.

This is the first screen you should see when you Log On to your blog

1. Home Menu_LI (4)

Look at the the menu – most blogs, especially if they have been going for some time, should have the WP Admin button. Click on it.

Halfway down the new screen is the Comments box. Click on it


This opens your Comments Menu – the underline shows where comments are diverted to. Some may need action by you


Such as Pending comments – awaiting moderation – that you can choose to allow on your post or reject. Click here to read, allow, reject, delete.


Or comments that WP has decided are Spam. Click on this to read them and delete if appropriate.

As you can see, I have NO pending comments, because I do not moderate comments on this blog. We gardeners are not usually the type to abuse or harangue our fellows, are we?


So check your Comments boxes now and then – you might have missed some important information, like a mystery plant identification, or a handy propagation tip, or a recipe for a cocktail for you to sip of an evening in your garden.

More information regarding Comments here and here

12 thoughts on “Are you seeing ALL comments made on your posts?

  1. I have seen some of my comments disappear too. I always check my own blogs for spam, but at the moment on my main blog (Cornwall) I am receiving far too many spam comments about hosting wordpress sites to go through and check for legitimate comments trapped there (on Friday there were 28 pages of the stuff – I normally have one or two!).
    But a good point to make.

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  2. Thank you for all the information. I upgraded and changed my theme and had some worrying moments when I realised I was not getting comments, then discovered the admin button and worked (bumbled) my way through it all. Quite a learning curve for me. I read the linked articles too and they have given me further insight. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Great post! I have to keep an eye on the spam comments because it gets overloaded with a couple of religious groups sending these messages. I mean, several go to certain pages and leave hundreds of messages or the same thing. Then there are the prescription drug comments. GEEZ! I have attempted to send them a comment and tell them to stop the nonsense but when I click on the site I can’t find any way to do it. The problem is, there have been legit comments but hardly ever. There is ALSO the feedback section you will want to check. Some of the comments there are also in the spam comments section but not always. In the spam and feedback section, I have received messages from companies asking to trial products. I didn’t know about the feedback section so I never checked and there were several readers who had asked questions about one plant or another, some from two years back. SO, check your feedback section. I think those are important enough to follow up on. I have had as high as 600 spam comments if I don’t check and delete almost daily. If you are like me, you choose to use the reader to read other bloggers post rather through email. When you follow someone, you can go to your reader, click to manage the sites you follow, and you can decide how you want to receive posts. There is a lot to learn and to be a successful blogger you need to answer comments as well as comment on others posts. I fail miserably at that because I am always busy writing and working in the flower beds and gardens this time of the year. Take care and THANKS for writing this post! Things that new bloggers especially need to know.


    1. It is a minefield at times, isn’t it? I quite often take a look at who is following me. If when I look at their blog, they are not gardeners or something entirely inappropriate, I delete them. Same with blogs I follow; not posted for a year? Deleted. I even go through my Facebook activity log and delete old comments, likes or out of date posts – usually at New Year when bored of TV 😁

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    1. I moderate my comments because there is so much spam/rubbish and general check comments on my iPhone so not always easy to access spam. Now you’ve (sadly) pointed it out I’ll be careful. It’s always sad when you leave a comment and it’s not acknowledged. 🙏🏻

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  4. I found one in spam earlier this morning. Not yours…
    I think an issue may well be that more users are using phone rather than pc. The WordPress app is slick & user-friendly, but I’ll need to log in to adnin section more regularly.

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    1. Though I’m reading your reply on my phone (get me 😁) I would be hard-pressed to do any blog admin on it (small print/fat fingers). Much prefer a desktop pc with proper keyboard. Not sure if I’m on an app though -try not to use apps 🙄


  5. Crikey. Thanks for writing this. There were a few legit comments lurking in the spam folder including several from yourself. Once I approved them they vanished – presumably to the posts you commented on. I’ll have a play with the settings to prevent this in the future.

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