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I’ve noticed recently that when I leave a comment on some posts, they don’t show up. At first I thought it was just a delay because the internet was/is extra busy since lockdown. But now I think it could be certain settings on some WordPress blogs.

So if I have ‘liked‘ your blog post, I might have left a comment too – but have you seen it?

Now it could be that you don’t want to read comments from me – and that’s fine – you don’t have to.

But it might be that you have changed your settings without realising; or this new WordPress Editor has changed things; or you’ve changed your theme and the old setting haven’t all carried over.

Sometimes you just need to do some basic housekeeping and check who is commenting on your posts, and what they are saying.

In case you don’t know how to check if comments are waiting for you to accept (or reject), and don’t know (or have forgotten) where your WP Spam Box is, this might help.

This is the first screen you should see when you Log On to your blog

1. Home Menu_LI (4)

Look at the the menu – most blogs, especially if they have been going for some time, should have the WP Admin button. Click on it.

Halfway down the new screen is the Comments box. Click on it


This opens your Comments Menu – the underline shows where comments are diverted to. Some may need action by you


Such as Pending comments – awaiting moderation – that you can choose to allow on your post or reject. Click here to read, allow, reject, delete.


Or comments that WP has decided are Spam. Click on this to read them and delete if appropriate.

As you can see, I have NO pending comments, because I do not moderate comments on this blog. We gardeners are not usually the type to abuse or harangue our fellows, are we?


So check your Comments boxes now and then – you might have missed some important information, like a mystery plant identification, or a handy propagation tip, or a recipe for a cocktail for you to sip of an evening in your garden.

More information regarding Comments here and here