Six on Saturday: 4 July 2020

A rare floral effort from me this week, even though – technically – four out of six are edibles (five if you count poppy seeds).

It seems the ‘leeks’ I allowed to flower so I could collect the seeds are – garlic! Not that it matters. They are very pretty – and actually purple!

20200630 (4)

A couple of random poppies have appeared in the front border. They can stay – and hopefully self-seed.

20200702 (1) 20200702 (2)

So far only one calendula (out of ten grown in modules and planted at the same time) has put in an appearance, which is disappointing. For some reason, I am alway wary of planting orange flowers when my general colour scheme is shades of pink and purple, yet I do enjoy them when they appear. I’ll plant some in the allotment next year.

20200702 (3)

The lavender border is doing well, though some flowers are going over already. Time to dodge the showers and pick some.

20200702 (15)

20200702 (181)

I moved this fennel (and a bronze one) from a raised bed in March, not expecting it to survive; but it did. Apparently it can cross-pollinate with Dill and Coriander (Dillel? Fennill? Fenniander?) If I can just find a space in the front border for them . . .

20200702 (18)

Last year, my astilbes didn’t do at all well. The leaves burnt and crisped in the sun and the flowers were stunted. They look much happier this year.

20200702 (9)

That’s my Six on Saturday done. Pop-over to The Propagator’s Blog for more. I’ll be browsing the Sixes as usual, looking for inspiration and adding to my Wish List – and hoping I’ll win the Lottery so I can afford a house with a larger garden to fit everything in.



17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 4 July 2020

    1. I don’t think they will do well inside. They will probably need more direct light than they would get inside. It’s the summer months that will be the hardest on them. I plant to grow them in pots in a well drained potting mix. That way I can easily move them if they need more shade/sun. Fingers crossed!

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  1. GREAT SIX! I grow Elephant Garlic and the flower clusters get HUGE and provide nice bulbs as well. There used to be poppies in the yard from when my grandparents planted them but they have fizzled out. Your lavender bed looks GREAT! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Apart from looking good in a, garden, marigolds are a photographer’s dream. Yours captures the light, shadows & various orange hues really well.
    One our of ten is better than none!

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  3. I don’t have success propagating lavender from cuttings. What’s your secret? I didn’t know fennel could cross pollinate with dill. I have a bronze fennel from last year and it grew next to a dill. I guess it’s offspring won’t be bronze fennel.

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    1. Take cuttings now, Lisa, from stems that have no flowers. Remove bottom few leaves, dip in rooting hormone powder, place around a pot in multi-purpose compost, water – then let them get on with it 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yes it has a good chop at the end of September to within a hair’s breadth of the woody stems. It’s probably been here for 15 years or more. So I have been taking cuttings – just in case I have to replace it – and you can’t have too many pots of lavender in the garden 🙂


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