Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my post last Sunday about missing comments on posts. Hopefully we are all now seeing the posts we want (and deleting those we don’t).

But enough of the vagaries of WordPress and on with this week’s Six on Saturday – suggested by The Propagatorand embraced by many.

These are the sempervivums I rescued from the front of the house. They were in a temporary border made of raised bricks and gritty compost; perfect conditions but the bed is shaded for most of the day in summer and all day in winter, and they were not happy.

But a move for some to a pot placed in full sunshine, and others to a gravel box has cheered them up no end, as these flowers show.

20200702 (17) 20200702 (231)

With most of the peony foliage removed, this mexican feather grass has room to waft about in the slightest breeze. The lean to the right is because – usually – we don’t just have a slight breeze. My brother had his eye on a couple of the larger clumps as he has just built some raised borders and wants to fill them with grasses. I’ve given him a clump from a large pot that has been sitting on the patio waiting to be sorted out.

20200702 (12)

Somewhere under this lot are two Christmas Carol hellebores and three heuchera.

20200702 (4)

The Lime Marmalade is not doing well. I’m undecided whether to move it or put it in a pot to recover before planting it elsewhere.

I’ve begun harvesting  lavender. After picking a bunch a couple of weeks ago to give to someone retiring from our GP surgery, they looked so pretty that I promised to pick some for me too. Here, they are hanging up inside my potting shed (to allow any beasties to disperse).

20200702 (181)

This moth orchid was a retirement present in 2014. I am amazed that I’ve managed to keep it alive for so long (neglect and a west-facing window), and now it it putting out a new shoot (though it might be a root). Both the leaves are new since I’ve owned it.

20200702 (251)

And the sunflower that I didn’t sow has a flower forming. I may have to remove it from the potting shed while I can still get it through the door. I’ve put it into a larger pot for now.

20200702 (191)20200702 (201)

Currently, we have not got the promised brighter and warmer weather – though I can see it in the distance.

I want to pot on my brassica seedlings into large pots so I can protect them from the cabbage whites. But the insect net I ordered in May is not due to arrive until August. I’ll have to make do and mend with an old net curtain or two. Though where, precisely, I am going to put the pots remains a mystery. Maybe I can shunt a potato bag or two around the patio.