20200712 (1)

With blue skies, no wind and warm weather on Sunday morning, it was time to tackle the small section of Raised Bed A to remove the flowering garlic stalks and create a space for my brassica seedling which have been hammering on the greenhouse walls begging to be let out.

But the cabbage whites are flying reconnaissance sorties around the patio and I daren’t risk it until some protection is in place. I ordered insect mesh at the end of May but it’s not due for delivery until end of July-August.

20200712 (3)

I emptied the patch, collecting several more garlic bulbs and taking out the red onions I planted in March. They can’t be described as ‘large’ or even ‘medium’ but as long as they taste nice, that will be fine. Remember, these should have been planted in my allotment bed with plenty of room to grow and lots of water from all the rain. Too much competition in my raised bed at home.

I’d also emptied a couple of pots of their remaining potatoes so threw the compost onto here, added in some chicken poo pellets, removed a clump of slug or snail eggs, and dug it all in.

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With no mesh, I had to use what was to hand to form a protective cage 

  • 6 x 4 foot canes
  • 6 x screwball icecream plastic containers (for the top of each cane)
  • 4 x net curtains, of varying size, thickness, and colour
  • 1 x stapler (and a supply of staples)
  • A selection of plastic clothes pegs

I stapled the curtains together; spread the results over the canes; adjusted the sides, and pegged the curtains onto the canes, leaving one side and the front so I could get in to plant the brassicas. Then I buried some of the curtain edges, put more staples into any large gaps and pegged the rest into place.

20200712 (4)

Yes, it does look like a (small) crime scene tent, only in this case it is stopping the murder and mutilation of my cabbages, kale and sprouts. Hopefully. Maybe just some light maiming.

20200712 macrame (4)

Anyway, I fitted everything in, just. The space is only 2 feet x 4 feet. But I’ve got more brassicas in a large pot inside the greenhouse, which I’ll bring outside once all danger has passed. They can’t get inside unless I leave the door open.

Should I put eggshells down?

20200712 (8)

The garlic and onions are drying out in the greenhouse.