Six on Saturday: 18th July 2020

Another wet and cool Saturday morning. Another Six on Saturday, one among many other Sixes I will be dipping into over the weekend (and adding to my evergrowing Wish List).

The move to a shadier area of the back garden seems to suit my potted pelargoniums. This is their third year, though I don’t expect them to manage a fourth.

20200710 (5)

They sit inside plastic pots that hang from the trellis, and just a week later they have produced more flowers though the weather has not been that dry or warm. 

20200710 (3) 20200717 (5)

On the same trellis clematis alpina has plenty of buds and a few flowers. Because the heads droop, it is difficult to get a decent image.

20200717 (31)

Borrowed landscape – this cherry tree is in my neighbour’s garden. Planted by our previous neighbour (too close to the boundary wall). I wonder if the fruit is edible – a fair few have dropped into our garden where they are a slip hazard for the unwary. Having some for a pie would be a reasonable exchange.

The birds love them, with blackbirds and thrushes pecking the fruit off the tree and smaller birds eating the flesh once they’ve fallen. There are cherry pips all over our patio.

20200710 (18)

I finally got around to planting up my zinnias, strawflowers and Livinstone Daisies. Fingers crossed they flower. This is the only sheltered spot in the garden, but in shadow from around 3pm.

20200710 (17)

Finally, I have nasturtium flowers. I’m going to have to treble the quantities I sow next year to make it worth while.

20200710 (12)

I wonder how tall this sunflower will grow? I didn’t plant it, it just appeared. But it’s grown an inch a day since I moved it to this position. Again, this area only receives sun from 8am until 1 pm, and it’s under cover sheltering from the wind.

20200712 (6) 20200717 (1)

In France, they are called Tournesol because the flowers turn to follow the sun, slowly turning East, South and West. In the right-hand picture – the sun is shining on the front of the house – west north-west – yet the flower bud is pointing in that direction.

They turn their heads back to face East overnight. Amazing. 



8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 18th July 2020

  1. I’m that neighbour too, having planted a small tree too close to boundary wall. Luckily, neighbours are v understanding, but it will need hard pruning in Autumn.
    Such intelligence them sunflowers have! Hope you get loads of enjoyment from it.

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    1. I agree. We had sycamore but after a year we realised it was wrong tree for our small garden. We gave it to a friend, and now we can still enjoy looking at it.
      Have you mentioned your concerns to neighbour?


    1. I think that’s where mine came from too. It is a pretty clematis, very delicate to look at but I do nothing to it. It suffers the prevailing wind which comes through the trellis from the back – though is probably shielded by the montanas which it grows through, and almost constant shade in the summer from my neighbour’s trees. But it is in a raised bed away from tree roots and is buried deep with weed membrane and cobbles on top. One day I’ll try laying a shoot in some compost as see if I can propagate a spare.


  2. Cherry trees – those with fruit – are not widely grown here in Ireland because our climate doesn’t seem to suit them though as they are doing so well in Wales it is hard to see why they wouldn’t do well here. I’d love to have one as the fruit is so delicious….Black Forest Gateau in my dreams.

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