20200708 (1)

As of the beginning of July, I counted a total of fourteen spider plants in my house (and several in a seed tray outside – but we’ll ignore those).

20200708 (2)

All were looking rather pot-bound. In fact the one on the left of the image above hadn’t been repotted for a few, several, many years, and contained five plants (four were babies that I’d rooted in the pot).

20200708 (3)

It was time to gather them all together and sort them out.

20200711 (9)

Starting with the largest, I removed as many of the fat, white roots as I could.

20200711 (12)

I’d sourced and bought eight large pot-holders for the larger plants. The smaller ones and newly-potted babies fitted in where they could.

20200711 (13)

Time to count them.

20200711 (14)

I started with fourteen.

I ended up with twenty. Not too bad.

There is a hook in my breakfast room ceiling (10 feet up) calling out for some hanging plants.

I’ll have to practice my macramé.


20200712 macrame (2)20200712 macrame (3)