Six on Saturday: 25 July 2020

I feared I might not be able to send this post out into the wide blue yonder. An ‘incident’ at our local telephone exchange (someone pulled the plug on our landline) meant we were without internet access for three days, though I had limited access via my mobile phone to check emails and messages. But the feeling of relief when I reconnected with world beyond was immense.

For this week’s Six, I am not in my own garden at all. After 18 weeks of lockdown, we made a quick foray to the Recycling Centre (twice) to take all the rubble from my lockdown project clearing out Raised Bed B.

Then we went to visit my brother, who is currently removing some of the clay that comprises his garden into a mini skip as he digs a new border. He’s been in this house just three years and in that time has transformed the back garden from tarmac and grass to a thriving vegetable patch and flower borders. These are some of his plants – as a change from my boring vegetables.

  1. Passionflower (above).
  2.  Convovulus

20200721 (5)RR

3. Last December, I made up this pot as part of my brother’s Christmas present.

20191206 (6)

And here it is now. The pot is weathering nicely, and the tree is supposed to be yellow.

20200721 (16)RR

4. Salvia, my brother says. Verbena says I. We’ve agreed it is verbena – not bonariensis though.

20200721 (7)RR

5. He’s trying to get rid of his nasturtiums; I’m still trying to grow them.

20200721 (11)RR

6. This is his rather quirky garden shed. A section of a WW2 Anderson Shelter – not in it’s original position as the area was a former brickworks – hence all the clay in his garden.

20200721 (15)RR

For more quirkiness and general garden tomfoolery, head over the The Propagator’s blog and click on the links in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 25 July 2020

  1. Lockdown has been tough, but it’s lovely to see that you got to visit your brother’s garden.
    I like the his convolvulus. Also like your quirkiness & tomfoolery. Not yours, I mean… Your phrases! I’m a sucker for a decent way of putting it.

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  2. The shed is like a hobbit door! Thanks for letting us know in advance that the tree is yellow! I can only imagine how many of us would assume it was deficient!

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