20190425 (9)

In June 2019, I made a start on a project that is finally almost complete. This began with the removal of a raised bed in the shadiest part of the back garden, via the building of the Tiny Greenhouse and now the final corner. Click here to see what it looked like in 2018.

We were left with this ‘spare’ piece of ground, where the round compost bin had stood for 20 years. But then our beer spare fridge finally gave up the ghost in February (almost gassing us in the process), and we were forced to buy a new washing machine after the bearings went on the old one: so with all Recycling Centres closed until a few weeks ago, this (↓) was the view from our kitchen window – until now.


20200407 (7)

The fridge went for recycling in early July and, with the drum already removed from the washing machine (I’m currently growing potatoes in it), my husband stripped it down further into its component parts (I’ve kept the glass door, for now). We have confirmed it will fit inside my Fiat Panda (on it’s back) AND we can slot our old tumble drier inside inside the carcass to save space.

20200724 (15)

We’ve left it by the side gate. If someone wants to take it away they can have it (they haven’t), so it’s going to the skip this week.

And now I have this little area (700mm deep x 800mm wide), just begging for its chance to shine.

20200724 (2)

I put this shrub honeysuckle there while I considered my options overnight.

20200724 (3)

I spent ages looking online for plants that would thrive in such a shady spot, but they were all going to grow too large for the space. So I’ve gone with what I have available, and I already know will grow in this area – the ‘shrub’ honeysuckle.

I’m not sure if is it the shrubby variety. It’s been in the same pot for 15 years so I may have bonsai’d it inadvertently.

Once I’d dug over the patch…

20200626 (6)

… it was time to check it out. It didn’t appear too pot bound. I expected to see roots circling the inside of the pot but there were very few: and as I moved it into the shallow hole I’d just dug, three sections complete with roots separated from the main stem , so I have spares to pot up.

20200626 (7)

After a quick forage around the garden, I’ve added a cyclamen to the front of the bed; six foxglove seedlings to either side; an alpine strawberry to the back, and some broken off pieces of sedums from my pot. I may yet add more foxgloves or add the Lime Marmalade heuchera that wasn’t doing too well in the front border.

20200626 (8)

The brick wall faces West (ish) and is approximately 7 feet high. The prevailing wind comes from the South (right side of image above). The space is mostly in shade (until late afternoon) while neighbour’s trees are in leaf but lightens up when leaves fall.

20200626 (9)

I’ve added a temporary cane trellis to stop the honeysuckle from rocking with the prevailing wind.

We also spend some time this morning adding a string of solar powered fairy lights to the fascia board on the shed. And yes, I have checked they work.

20200626 (12)

The view from my kitchen window – via a pot of basil on the window sill and a jar containing lemon balm stalks which I am trying to root in water, and the Desiree potatoes growing on the shady patio just outside.

20200626 (13)

This is the shady rear border, brightened up with a few pelargoniums in pots hanging from the trellis. This raised bed was a project in 2018.

20200626 (14)

Check out it’s previous incarnation here  from August 2018.