Six on Saturday: 1 August 2020

Here’s one I prepared earlier – on Friday in fact – the weather being too hot by mid-afternoon to do anything outside (and I’d already spent the morning doing housework), but we dried three loads of washing, which was good.

20200730 Allotment Bed - Lockdown 20200524 (S Smuts) (1)

This is what my allotment bed looks like (left) after almost five months of lockdown. I sowed Red/Crimson Clover as a green manure last autumn, which looked lovely when it flowered (Photo taken in May), not that I was there to see it. Both images are courtesy of fellow allotmenteers. I intend visiting sooner rather than later to tackle it.

On Monday, I set up an account with Kings Seeds and placed my first order – a mixture of bulbs, seeds and sundries (root trainers and flexi-balls). I believe the bulbs will be sent in September, but this part of the order arrived early on Friday morning by courier,

20200731 (6)

and the postman brought a second parcel later on. I am hoping it is the insect mesh I ordered at the end of May. Both are in quarantine for a few days before I open them.

I harvested the last of my white onions on Thursday; not quite as large as a tennis ball but a good size. Clearly they require more sun and more space than I am able to give them at home. Definitely a crop better suited to the allotment. I have some red onions too, but they are very small still; some have hardly swelled at the base. They will be coming out shortly to allow more room for the tomatoes.

20200731 (2)

My first Japanese Anemone flower of 2020. Rather early in my opinion, but they were only planted here in 2018 and didn’t do anything to speak of last year, so… this is their year. I don’t need to tie them in as the clematis montana has wound itself around the stems and leaves.

20200731 (8)

The Zinnias I grew from seed are still with us. They have been shaded from the afternoon sun, but I’ve moved the pot into a sunny position to see it that helps with flower production. Not sure what it is that finds them so tasty.

20200731 (21) 20200731 (22)

My £5 mixed pot is still growing strong, though the sunflower (another one) suffered a bent stem which I have now tied in to a cane the hope of rescuing it. It really was worth the money.

20200731 (27)

As Saturday is a bit of a washout here in North Wales, I’ll be working my way through the other Sixes, starting with The Propagator’s post, which at first glance appears to be everything orange this week. No doubt I will be adding more plants to my Wish List.

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 1 August 2020

  1. I always associate Japanese anemones with the coming in of autumn. They can grow only too well at times, rambling along and difficult to get rid of then.

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    1. Haha, Tell me about it, Paddy. I don’t mind so much as they are pretty and flower for a long time, but this year the ones in the front border have begun to cover everything else. I go in now and again and chop the large bottom leaves off.

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  2. It’s always interesting when a gardening parcel arrives! I have got seeds from Kings Seeds this year and I was v impressed with the service. But I’m still looking for a way to buy plant plugs from the UK. Import rules mean its possible only for someone in the trade.
    From what I read here amony other gardeners zinnia are very attractive for slugs & snails. Lovely plant though….

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  3. How exciting getting the parcel! I get so excited when my plant orders arrive; by the time they arrive I have forgotten about half the plants I ordered – so double surprise! It looks as if you have successfully rescued the sunflower. I hope so. Japanese anemones are one of my favourite plants, and I have a couple but they do not seem to do well….. I will keep persevering!

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