For the first week of August, it’s been pretty poor weather. Even when the sun shines, it doesn’t always feel warm. This morning is grey with either mist or light drizzle (mizzle?). It was warm yesterday but we didn’t have much sun, just a few hours in the morning.

I was going to start with a picture of my zinnias, but as they still don’t have flowers… here’s the clematis alpina in full flower,

20200807 (5)

All you Sixers are leading me into plant temptation. If you didn’t keep showing your wonderful plants, I wouldn’t have ordered all these flower seeds.

I have no idea where I’m going to put anything I manage to germinate considering my front border is only 30 feet by 3 feet.

20200805 (1)

Verbena bonariensis (250 seeds) – because bees like it and so do I; Sweet Pea Cupani (20 seeds) – because they are highly scented; and Scabious stellata Ping Pong (65 seeds) – because I liked the look of the seed heads. The poppy should be Black Beauty but I’ve received Black Peony (500 seeds), but they may well be the same thing. Knautia Melton Pastels (40 seeds). I’ve admired this flower on other Sixes, so that’s one from my wishlist, and Ammi Majus (500 seeds) is another.

I thought I’d try Claytonia (no idea of seed numbers) in the greenhouse for winter salads. Supposed to be high in Vitamin C and “very easy to grow”.

More japanese anemones are opening each day. Look like it’s going to be a good year for them, but it’s too early now. Is that – and the fact we’ve picked our first wild blackberries on our daily walk – a sign we might be in for a bad winter?

20200807 (4)

The new mini-shady bed I made a few weeks ago is still alive. And the honeysuckle  appreciates being released from its pot as it has started flowering. It has a lovely strong fragrance too.

20200807 (1) 20200807 (2)

The courgettes are loving the combination of wet then hot weather. Sadly this is a male flower, but there are more tiny courgettes waiting to do their thing and grow.

20200807 (10) 20200807 (12)

Finally a random poppy in one of my vegetable beds. I’ll have to catch the seeds before they scatter.

20200807 (19)

Now as the weather can’t seem to make its mind up, I’ll just sit here with my morning coffee and check out the other posts on The Propagator’sSix on Saturday challenge. Happy gardening, whatever your weather today.