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After the mad dash in Spring to buy in bags of compost for my vegetables (the Allotment being out-of-bounds due to Covid19 travel restrictions and self-isolating measures), and with the potato harvest well underway, I will eventually be left with fifteen bags/containers of spent compost.

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So – what shall I do with it all?

As my mostly paved garden is measured in feet and inches rather than acres, there is little need for mulching flower beds; though I could refurbish pots, it would be better to use new compost in the spring.

There is already a source of compost at the allotment, so no need to take it there.

I can sandwich it between layers of green waste in my compost bins. But not all of it.

I will eventually use it to top up Raised Bed A – once I refurbish and renovate that area in the spring (weather allowing). But I’ve still got to store it until I’m ready to use it.

So instead of bagging it up and storing it behind the garage, I plan to re-use it, suitably revitalised with chicken poo pellets, for growing vegetables – mainly greens and herbs – throughout Autumn and Winter in the Tiny Greenhouse.

But you’ll have to wait to see how I’m going to do that, and what I’ll be growing.