Six on Saturday: 22 August 2020

I’ve been hanging on to the Classic Editor ever since WP announced the new version. Now it has caught up with me and who knows what will happen. I started this post in one version and finish it in the new version. Apologies if I don’t get it quite right this week.

Anyway, good morning from a rain and wind battered North East Wales. Not as rain and wind battered as other parts thank goodness, so I hope you all have escaped the worst of it too.

My first Zinnia flower is almost here, but it is being very coy. I planted strawflowers in the same pot at the same time and each time I see a flower, I think it’s a zinnia, but it isn’t. One day…

20200814 (4)

These cosmos have been flowering for weeks. I must make the effort to invest in some other colours – you really can have too much pink. On the left is yet another sunflower that I never planted. It has been bending and swaying in the wind over the last few days. I know that they are quite shallow rooted and have been debating whether to tie it to the garden arch, but decided not to. 

20200814 (13)

I’m afraid Japanese Anemones are likely to feature until Christmas. Sorry. I will change things around by occasionally featuring the white variety Whirleygig from the Shady Border in the back garden, once I capture a decent image or two.

20200814 (18)

The Autumn Joy (I know it’s not a sedum but it is to me) in the lavender border is just beginning to take on colour at the tips of the flowers. I’ll be chopping off the remainder of the lavender stems when we get a spell of dry weather, so that should give them more sun.

20200814 (19)

Last years rescue sedums are beginning to spread. I’m hoping they will fill this bed and cover the bricks. And I’ve kept plenty back in pots to fill in any gaps. 

20200814 (11)

Finally, with just over 1 kilo of Desiree potatoes harvested from this washing machine drum, I have re-purposed it with allium bulbs, foxglove seedlings and some white-flowered saxifrage.

Hopefully normal service will resume next week – when I’ve got the hang of all the changes. In the meantime, take a look at more Sixes on Saturday over at The Progagator blog.

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 22 August 2020

  1. From my reading of your (and others) excitement about Anemones I think I’ll have to get myself to garden centre once again. I look forward to your repeat show-and-tell.

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  2. I do like your sedum bed. That’s what I want to do with the low stone wall in my ‘wild garden’. Currently full of some kind of weed! I was intending to plant sempervivums and sedums/stonecrops this year, but with the covid issues I never got around to buying the plants. Now I think I shall wait until next spring and have a go at it. I am hoping that with plenty of grit the plants won’t rot!

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    1. I’ve had better success with the sedums than the sempervivums. My brick beds are too cold and shady for sempervivums but this will be the first winter in situ for the sedums, so I’ll have to make sure I have spares in the greenhouse. They’ll look lovely on a stone wall. I’d love a green roof on my woodstore 🙂

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    2. Well the wall is in full sun and no trees close by so hopefully it will be a good spot! I lost several sempervivums this year because I hadn’t thought about them getting covered by falling leaves and they rotted 😢 stupid mistake!

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  3. The new editor is fine. I jumped in when it first appeared and can manage it well now. There are a few odds and ends which remain unusual to me but not so as to be a bother. You have had the dreadful weather we have experienced here also.

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    1. No damage here and we’re high enough not to be affected by flooding, other than run-off from the top of our little mountain. But the wind is still blowing from the south as I type – and getting stronger it seems 😦

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