I can’t complain about the weather this week. A couple of really hot days, followed by cooler mornings, but dry and warm for the most part. I think we had one misty morning. I’ve done some work with the allotment cages, and turned over the compost in my bins. I’ve cut back lots of foliage but because it’s green waste, I’m taking it to the recycling centre as I already have far too much in the compost and I need to balance it better.

I also need to speak to my other neighbour to ask her to arrange to cut back her jasmine, which is not only beginning to cover my Potting Shed roof, but is finding its way inside too. (Featured Image) It is very pretty, but has never been pruned since the previous neighbour planted it twelve years ago.


Swiss chard Bright Lights. For some reason, only the red grew this year. Then it was hidden by tomato plants and forgotten about. By the time I rediscovered it, it had bolted, though there are shorter stems separate from this plant. But it looks pretty and I might be able to collect seed, so I’ve left it alone.

After clearing some space in the front shady border a few weeks ago, I rediscovered my two remaining heuchera. This is Berry Smoothie showing plenty of healthy new growth.

The Mexican feather grass is at its best at this time of year, but brush against it and your clothes are covered in seed heads.

This sedum has been in the garden long before I moved here. Possibly Sedum Kamtschaticum?

Is this a jelly bean sedum perhaps?

All good things come to an end as Sunflower #1 sets seed, which I want to collect for the bird feeders.

With dodgy internet this morning (typical) I may not be able to comment on other posts, but I’ll try to read as many as I can courtesy of The Propagator’s Six on Saturday challenge thing.