Weekend Workout

Strictly speaking, a Sunday and Monday workout but who’s checking?

It’s always exciting to receive a parcel, especially when you’ve been waiting for it for a couple of months AND had to leave it in quarantine for four days!

But what is it?

Spring and Summer bulbs… at last.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to tell which bulbs were which, but each bag is clearly labelled.

And give precise instructions for bulb planting depths, spacing, flowering height, and flowering times.

On Sunday, I removed four peonies from the front border – along with clumps of lemon balm and astilbe. My plan is to sow annual seeds in this border to give more variety while waiting for the hedging fuchsias to establish.

But where there is a gap, there is a space crying out for bulbs.

I also took the opportunity to reposition some of the Mexican feather grass and clear away several Aquilegia plants and seedlings to give more space for the heucheras and hellebores I planted last year – though I have lost one of each. This area doesn’t have any bulbs but crocus, muscari, and anemone blanda will grow in shadier conditions, so that’s where they will go when I get around to it.

All the ‘excess’ plants are going to my brother to fill a space in his new borders

The peonies are already showing lots of healthy buds ready for next spring. These are all the vibrant deep pink type and I removed every other plant, which still leaves me with three or four.

On Monday morning, with the weather forecast saying hot and sunny until mid-week then changing to cold and autumnal (rain?), I cleared some more aquilegia and removed some iris. It was easier to dig up the iris a clump at a time than try to divide it.

I now have a box full and have offered them to be used around our allotment site. Though a former sand and gravel pit may prove far too “well-drained” for them. If the Committee don’t want them, I’ll offer them to members, then on a Recycle group.

Then I planted the alliums and nectaroscordum (which is also known as Honey Garlic, so also an allium – but will survive in shade). And I remembered to label them!

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    1. We did nothing yesterday, Tuesday. Today doesn’t look great and tomorrow is going to be a washout. Time to read!

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    2. Yeah, we felt we had left it a bit late in the day. There is a very good online garden centre here that we use and it has been an excellent service.

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