Today’s featured image is a view of my sunny patio on the same day last year. My patio is not sunny this morning; we have grey skies and fine drizzle. On the positive side, the log delivery I have been waiting for – for two evenings – has not materialised (after no word, I messaged and was told he wasn’t going to deliver them), so we haven’t got to work in the rain to move them to the log store.

As today is the first official day of my Open University course, here is one I prepared earlier – when the sun was still shining and not hiding behind a veil of tears.

My rescued hebe Champagne Ice. No flowers this year after its drastic haircut (which netted me 19 fully rooted cuttings), but it has grown and looks very healthy.

My first attempt ar preserving strawflowers. You have to remove most of the stems and replace them by winding florists wire around what is left. I really should have worn my glasses when I tried this as I didn’t realise the wire was showing!

Autumn Joy is still providing joy.

Another stand-by – the Mexican feather grass has shed most of its seed now. Most of it onto my clothes when I was moving plants around in the front border. Handy Tip: Wear something smooth, like jeans or waterproof trousers and not jersey or fleece!

I potted up three of my rosemary cuttings into this cheerful red pot to give to my friend Vee for her birthday last week.

This is the flower on my pitcher plant.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing. I’m off to read through several screens of student guidance – AGAIN – in the hope that some of it will make sense. But when I take a break (or my brain can’t take anymore) I’ll be back to check out your contributions to The Propagator’s Six on Saturday. Preferably with a mug of something hot and a plate of something tasty.