I am re-thinking my plan to use the potato growing bags for salad crops, since the slimy ones decimated the plants I’ve already sown – radish, parsley and most of the mizuna mix. Even after the eggshells went down.

I’ve since added some plastic bottle cloches and one of the parsley plants (bottom left) is growing new leaves.

Fortunately, I dug these other parsley plants out of Raised Bed B two weeks ago. They haven’t been chewed, the bare stems are where I’ve picked leaves for my salad.

I also moved some spring onions. I’ve left four pots outside for now. These black plastic pot holders have been hanging on the clematis trellis all Summer; now I have another use for them. They will take up to a 6 inch pot. There is just enough room to hang them on this beam.

And I have some doubles too; again taking up to a 6 inch round pot in each half – which doesn’t help my radish which are in 8 inch pots in the Potting Shed. There is no room to hang the third double pot holder unless I remove (again) the shelving.

So it could be out with the bags and in with hanging baskets and pots until I find something slugs and snails DON’T like the taste of. Answers on a postcard please!

Or maybe a couple of bags of sharp grit could be the deterrent I need.

With more seedlings on the way, I’ll have to do something – and soon.