Here we are at the end of another wet week and the start of a wet weekend, though there is a faint glow over the shed as the sun attempts to break through the clouds. I’m not sure it’s going to make it.

We have reached that point in the year where I find myself scratching around for images to share. I envy those who planned ahead and had the opportunity to buy autumn flowering plants. I didn’t. So this is all I have to show this Saturday.

The last of the busy lizzies in my ‘charity’ pot, just before I separated them into individual pots to see if I can keep them in the greenhouse until next year.

More Japanese anemones. This really is a much brighter white than it looks here with the sun behind it.

Bunny Tails.

Pots containing muscari, crocus ‘Pickwick, and anemone ‘Blanda Bleu’ on the shady patio until March at least.

A new (to me) gadget. I’ve not tried root trainers before but I’ve bought old-fashioned sweet pea seeds, and I was buying root trainers as part of my brother’s Christmas present so . . .

They’re a right pain to put together. I’ve only managed one.

My first ever turnips! Slightly larger than the recommended ‘golf-ball’ size for this variety (Snowball). Took a bit longer than the “ready to harvest in five to eight weeks”. I baked the smaller one on Thursday night along with my Desiree potatoes. In fact, every vegetable on our plates was home-grown.

Now I’m off to do some more studying, while keeping an eye on the weather in case there is the slightest opportunity to get outside and unwide all my beanstalks from the arches in the raised beds. Otherwise I’ll be popping back to check what other Six on Saturday aficianados have been up to.