The Final Tomato Diaries: 2020

With some progress on ripening tomatoes indoors (they need heat not sunlight), and with arctic weather and strong winds on 25 September, I thought it would be better to gather in ALL my unripe tomatoes and bring them into the house, rather than risk losing them.

Left to right: Conservatory, shelf near central heating pipes, Dining Room table.

Not to mention the two trays I’ve put in the Tiny Greenhouse.

I’m hoping to stagger the ripening process and move more inside as space becomes available. There should be a selection of red and yellow tomatoes, but who knows.

The next morning, after strong winds had blown these pots over, I removed the tomato stalks.

Sunday 27 September was another sunny and dry start to the day. Time to tackle the tomato stems in the raised beds.

It means another bag of garden waste to take to the Recycling Centre, but it’s not a priority and can be dropped off when we go shopping.

Meanwhile, the green tomatoes I picked a few weeks ago are slowly ripening indoors.

Even those in the Tiny Greenhouse, which is marginally warmer than the great outdoors.

I brought these inside to our upstairs bathroom, but moved them into my study, which gets more light.

Whether they will all ripen before they shrivel remains to be seen.

Next year I will sow ONE variety of tomato only, probably Moneymaker as it is sweeter and has more flavour than Gardener’s Delight. I will sow seeds no earlier than late March, and I will grow them on the sunniest part of the patio, in pots, from the off.

It seems to me that from a really good first harvest in 2018, each successive year they germinate later, crop less, and ripen really slowly or not at all.

So if anyone has any recommendations for an outdoor tomato of a reasonable – but not large – size and with an intense flavour, please let me know.

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  1. I think we tried tomatoes outdoors many years ago but have never bothered since. It was not a success for us – we don’t have the heat for them.

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