Six on Saturday: 17 October 2020

It’s cold this morning in North Wales. Dull grey clouds overhead with a glint of breaking sun above the horizon. Trees are gently swaying in a light breeze, beginning to show their autumn colours; but there are still – just – a few dots of colour.

This pink zinnia is the last one still flowering. I wouldn’t say they’ve been an outright success – all that germinating seeds in the dark. I have half a packet of seeds left, next year I’m just going to sow direct into the front border and see what happens. But I won’t be buying more seeds.


Similarly with the strawflowers – again too few grew, but they’re not called ‘everlasting’ for nothing and I will enjoy them inside the house. I have a dried flower arrangement on the wall in the conservatory that needs brightening up. I’ll add the remaining seeds to the zinnia and scatter at will.


I do like the variagation on this curly kale. Makes no difference to the taste and – so far – the slimey ones haven’t been tempted.

variegated curly kale

This is my decorative pot from last year. I’ve done nothing to it, just left it at the back of the garage out of summer sun. Hopefully the primula will perk up and the miniature iris Joyce will return. There may -or may not – be other bulbs in there.


My last remaining cyclamen from last year, now planted in the very shady mini border next to the compost bins. Pale pink or white? Wait and see.


This is the self-seeded Rowan (Mountain Ash) sapling I dug out of my front border and put in a long pot. It over 12 inches tall now. Here, it poses artfully against the oil tank.

Mountain Ash (Rowan) sapling

So that’s my six for this week. You can see many more over at The Propagator’s Blog. Take a break and have a look.

My job for the weekend is to sow some sweet pea seeds in my new root trainers.

I had hoped to plant my onion sets at the allotment, but it’s closed due to high river levels, and the supplier sent a packet of Jermor shallots instead of the Radar onions I’d ordered along with Electric and Snowball. So that’s another 7 to 10 days wait. But there’s no charge and I get to keep the shallots.

So it’s back to the studying for me, while my husband traipses backwards and forwards to the plumber’s merchant because he ordered the wrong part for the flush in our upstairs toilet.

I told him to take the old one with him to compare the size. Did he listen?

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 17 October 2020

  1. Love the strawflowers! Thank for reminding me about sweetpeas, I usually plant them in Spring and have found they are late to get going, so I’m going to sow them this Autumn instead ..


    1. I seem to have been lucky with zinnias not being eaten – it doesn’t seem likely but maybe because mine were in a large pot with other plants? Or perhaps I just didn’t notice and have missed out 😀

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  2. Do we ever? Don’t answer that. You’ve been abundantly clear!
    I planted onion sets a month ago. I’m hoping I didn’t plant too early. Most are just above ground by now.
    I haven’t heard the word “traipses” for quite a while. We were warned in school to walk tall… No traipsing allowed. 😁


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