Six on Saturday: 24 October 2020

Another week of unsettled weather, wet to start, sun and showers Thursday and Friday, and a promise of more wet and windy weather for the weekend. As of 6pm yesterday, Wales is closed.

We’re in full lockdown – no garden centres or sales of other non-essential goods (which ASDA have decided included electrical goods and paperback books, though the Welsh Government has not specified what is ‘non-essential’) until Monday 9th November, no allotment visits as the park has closed too. So the weather can do what it wants – for now at least. And the Recycling Centres are closed.

Thank goodness we’ve already replaced two fridges and a washing machine this year!

I don’t expect this final calendula will survive much longer, but I could be wrong.

Tomatoes are still ripening indoors, great with a fried breakfast – which I haven’t had this morning – and if they are a little wrinkled, they’re going into home-made soup for our lunch.

ripening tomatoes

Last year, one chard plant kept going all through the winter. I’m not expecting great things of this one, which is already looking rather scruffy.

Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’

A few weeks ago, Monty Don sowed his ammi majus seeds. He said they’ll germinate now, go dormant over winter, then grow away again at the start of spring. I’m trying my best NOT to overwater them.

Ammi majus seedlings


Potting Shed storage

Another attempt at tidying up my cupboard in the potting shed. Round pots in the crate on the left, square pots to the right. At least there is a chance they’ll stay tidy for a few months. After complaining a few months ago that I had very few plant pots, I’ve gained several by potting-on cuttings into large pots.

I must be doing something right with my air plants. I’ve given up misting them as I was concerned about water damaging my table and staining the wall. Now, I get a bowl of rainwater once or twice a month and dunk all the airplants for a couple of hours before allowing them to drain.

And now two of them have babies!

So that’s my rather boring Six for this Saturday. Far more exciting things are happening over on The Propagator’s Blog. Make sure to look out for links on the comments too.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 24 October 2020

  1. Comments are highlighting the Calendula and who am I to disagree?
    Shockingly, it seems that Tesco have covered themselves in shame because some person (my dad taught me never to use the word stupid) interpreted essential items very selectively…

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  2. Congratulations on the air plant babies, I’ve never seen them before! Calendulas are amazing flowers. Mine are on their second generation of the year flowering, and I’m letting them go to seed. I expect an entire 4 x 4 bed is going to be just calendulas next year!

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