Six on Saturday: 31 October 2020

I’ve just been for my flu jab! But not content with sticking a needle in one arm, they decided I could have the ‘pneumo‘ vaccination in the other, despite my being – still – under 65!

First, we had a chat about eggs! Vague bells rang in some distant recess of my brain about vaccines being grown/cultured in eggs. (What do they do with them afterwards?) We established that though I sometimes have a reaction to eating eggs (which is why I avoid them), I can eat cake, so we went ahead. Then…

“You’ll need to wait for five minutes, in case of a reaction.”
“What sort of reaction?”
“You might get a sore arm.”
“But you’ve just jabbed a needle in it.”

When the five minutes were up, and I hadn’t rolled about on the floor clutching my arm and screaming, they let me go.

As the late Terry Wogan used to say “Is it me?”


Desperate times lead to desperate measures! I am reduced to arty images of raindrops on leaves for my first Six on Saturday this week. I predict there will be little to show in the coming weeks months, until the first crocus or narcissi begin to poke their heads up.

The final strawflowers. Despite getting out my posh camera, they stubbornly refuse to provide a decent image. I’ve cut the flowers off and brought them into the house to dry off from the rain. Some are already adding much needed colour to a faded display of dried flowers.

Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ and ‘Berry Smoothie’ in the front border. ‘Lime Marmalade’ is no more.

The end of the Alyssum. I’m hoping for double the amount next year, and with no effort on my part, if it self-seeds.

I thought I’d got rid of this Virginia Creeper from the rear shady border in 2018. It’s been lurking in my neigbour’s wall at the back of one of the concrete support posts for the trellis. It can stay – for now – as the colours are lovely. But it will take over. I may have to resort to weed-killer.

Ivy flowers and newly-formed berries, courtesy of my neighbour (Tree-man).

With four days of rain, wind and the occasional burst of sun, as well as a second week of lockdown, I’ve had my last foray into the public domain until a week on Monday when I’ll pop to my brother’s house to drop off the last of the onion order, which arrived on Thursday.

AS my attempts to grow salad crops in growing bags has failed, thanks to slugs and snails being unable to resist the young leaves, I’ll sow my share (40) of the Radar onion set in the ready prepared growing bags instead.

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather throws at you, and check out more Sixes on Saturday over at The Propagator’s Blog.

I’ve got Week 6 of my course to make a start on, and last night’s Gardener’s World to watch – again! (I saw something about dahlias, and a segment on trees, then – nothing – until the credits rolled at the end.)

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 31 October 2020

    1. I’m not convinced. I can only see them when I actually go to that end of the border. I never saw them flower (if they did) , but I have nowhere else to put them. That’s the problem with a small garden and impulse buying.


  1. I like the arty raindrops too! Alyssum is a super little plant I find, does well in my cottage garden path border, mine self seeded nicely from last year, though it seems to have reverted to all white rather than pink and white original mix. I may scatter some fresh seed for good measure.

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    1. The sun’s out now :-/ The bags I’ll put the onions in will be inside the new Tiny Greenhouse until Spring. It’s worth experimenting – and I can alway move them to a raised bed later – very carefully 🙂


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