Allotment Woes

An emergency dash to the allotment today, after watching a video of our Chair, Sarah, being interviewed for Horticulture Wales (filmed last Sunday). As the camera panned around the site, I noticed that one of my three rabbit-proof cages was lying on its side, next to the bed.

There is no way that this has happened accidentally or being pushed over the the wind. The clearance between the cage and the side of the raised bed is one-inch either side, which makes it impossible. This means someone has done this deliberately.

What is worse is that no-one thought to let me know or, indeed, replace it themselves. It’s a two-minute job, if that. I’m lucky that the weed-membrane hadn’t blown away.

But the onions have started sprouting. I’ve pushed most of them further into the ground after the rain has washed the soil away.

I’ve asked the other members to keep an eye out and let me know if anything is amiss, but it’s something I could have done without and, if they hadn’t shared that video, I would never have known.

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