A quick jog around the garden for me this morning. The sun is out, but the wind is getting up. Suddenly, most of the trees across the field at the back of our house are looking bare. I can’t hang around today as Ive a deadline to meet – having completed the first draft of my first OU Assignment, last week, peer feedback has indicated a re-write is required. I started yesterday by slashing 300+ words from the beginning! Who know where I’ll be the end of the day, but it’s got to go by Tuesday afternoon as we’re still expecting fibre broadband to be connected on Wednesday.


Most of my ‘Cupani’ sweetpeas have germinated, but not one single perennial seed has yet raised its head. I wondered if, perhaps, these should be treated differently from annual sweetpeas, but checked online and they shouldn’t. I’ve had to prop the lid up on two sticks and cover the gap with bubble wrap.

My peas were still producing flowers and pods until a few days ago. Not a lot, but enough for me to pop a pod to nibble at while surveying the ‘estate’.

The cyclamen is doing well in the little shady bed at Compost Corner. It’s a slightly deeper pink than my phone camera picked up.

This is some of the lemon balm I dug out of the front garden a couple of months ago. Plenty of new leaves appearing. The other half of the same plant, also in a pot and next to this one, is not looking quite so perky.

Pelargoniums? In November? Yes. They seem quite happy sheltered from the prevailing wind at the side of the greenhouse. Outside.

Air plant babies – Part 2. The two plants I shared last time are still growin, and now a third plant had joined in the fun with (as far as I can see – the photographs are larger than the actual plants) two babies. I’m going to assume they know what they’re doing and the ‘babies’ with separate when they are the right size.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a good day. I’ll try and pop in later to see what everyone has contributed this week to The Propagator’s Six on Saturday.