Planning Ahead for 2021

I’ve waited a week to open my seed order!

A heady mix (I don’t get out much) of leafy staples (salad leaves and chard); exotics (round cucumbers, cucamelons and Florence Fennel); herbs (Greek basil sage and cumin), and a trio of unusual onions. Thanks to Paddy (An Irish Gardener) for recommending the ‘Welsh’ onions.

Has anyone grown tomatillos? I’m considering giving them a try.

11 thoughts on “Planning Ahead for 2021

  1. I never knew you could get the Welsh onion as seed! The impression I had was that it was something people divided and passed around – that’s how it came to me. It certainly is perennial and a very handy vegetable. I use it as a standby for when scallions are not ready or available. I could lift some now whereas scallions are well out of season. I’m with you on the Salad bowl lettuce – my favourite!

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    1. I’d imagine they would make a start for you and would probably do so outdoors as well. They are perfectly hardy and stand over the winter outdoors here, not putting on any significant growth but not suffering either.


  2. It’s such a great feeling, opening a new delivery of seeds! Enjoy. And do try tomatillos! They’re delicious, and at least in my experience, easier than tomatoes, despite the similarity in names.

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  3. It’s always so exciting – even when I got out more pre-lockdowns, the seed order was thrilling! Some interesting and unusual ones in there, especially the Cucumber Crystal Yellow, doesn’t look like a cucumber at all, am intrigued.

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