Hello December. I wonder what you have in store for us, weatherwise, this month? Rain, rain and more rain by the look of it so far! Too wet to go outside and tidy the borders (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).


With my Cupani sweetpeas growing too well, I’ve given most of them a gentle trim. Fingers crossed I haven’t killed them.

That’s a surprise! In the front border, the drumstick alliums have been quietly growing away (is it too soon?) while in the back, one out of four pots of mixed bulbs has sprouted.

In the (cold) conservatory, the Easter/Christmas/I’ll-flower-when-I-bloomin’-well-want-to cactus has plenty of buds.

I had to nip out earlier in the week and remove the little terracotta ‘hats’ from my shallots and onions after I noticed green shoots growing up through the holes. (That’s why the one back-left looks a little deformed.)


These alpine strawberry plants enjoyed a spot of rare autumn sun earlier in the week. I think it lasted all of 5 minutes.

And the most of my remaining tomatoes finally ripened. They were useless for sandwiches and salads, but a welcome addition to the Saturday morning cooked breakfast, and the wrinkliest ones added flavour to a slow-cooked stew. It’s back to the bland supermarket variety for us until next September.

Tomorrow is supposed to be drier, if not warmer.

I’ve a wreath to make for Tuesday with whatever scraps I can gather together. The basic structure is made – climbing bean stems twisted into a circle – I just need to find some greenery.

Meanwhile, it’s back to the studying, with frequent breaks to see what other Sixers are up to – via The Propagator’s blog. Have a great weekend, whatever you are up to.