Six on Saturday: 12 December 2020

Here we are again! Grey skies and yet more rain, though a hint of lighter skies. I’ve got MOSS growing on my car – which has only done 1,010 miles in twelve months – it’s the Fiat Panda equivalent of a sloth!!

As I have to wait until the rain stops decreases, here are some photographs taken earlier this week for my Six on Saturday offering,

After complaining that my one remaining Christmas Carol hellebore had no flowers, three have appeared at once.

The drumstick alliums are growing well; still no sign from the other bulbs I planted in September. I think these might be grape hyacinths – there are two bunches – but both have been nibbled by something. Pigeons perhaps? I still haven’t managed to clear the iris foliage. Not bothered!

And yet another Japanese anemone has appeared, several in fact, but this was the best image.

Will the Berry Smoothie heuchera survive the next few months? If it does, I’ll have to move it as it’s obviously not happy here, though the Marmalade one is OK.

No matter how much of this campanula I dig up, it still grows in the cracks in the wall. As this is a newish wall (2018), it’s got to go (and unfortunately only Roundup will shift it). I probably should have pulled up that alyssum too.

Another plant that defies all my attempts to finish it off. Pelargoniums! Yes, I could tip them out of their pots and bin/compost them, but I’d feel guilty so prefer nature to do the job for me. I’m – gasp – leaving them outside over winter.

It’s getting harder to find anything of interest in or around my garden. Harder still to think that in just NINE days time, it will be the shortest day! Fingers crossed we have some dry weather on at least one or two days between now and then.

Happy gardening this weekendm wherever you are.

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