It’s a lovely morning, but after two nights of freezing temperatures and snow yesterday, it’s not safe to set foot outside the door until the ice has thawed. There’s no need risk a broken limb because I took my photographs in advance (on Thursday), though I only went out to fill the bird feeders!

In the Potting Shed, the sweet peas have survived the below zero temperatures. I didn’t want to remove their ‘tent’ so I don’t know if they’ve started to bush out after pinching them out a few weeks ago.

These mixed oriental salad leaves have grown since I last looked at them (New Year). I might pick few leaves later to add to the (bought) Little Gem leaves languishing in the bottom of the fridge.

Frost on a dead sunflower. It may well be hanging its head in shame as no birds have been enticed to eat its seeds.

Another few millimetres on the iris reticulata, but I took this photo because – at last – I got the frost/leaves combo I’d been waiting for.

“Honest, guv, I was just browsing and my finger slipped.” You can’t leave me unsupervised for more than a few minutes before I get into mischief! I emailed my first order of the year to D T Brown last Wednesday.

To be fair, they’re not all for me. The Elephant garlic is for my brother, and he’s having half the Jerusalem Artichokes (pack of 10) when they arrive. The Raspberry is for me, a dwarf one suitable for growing in a container. I love raspberries and look forward to freezing some to enjoy in the winter months. Both the potato varieties are new to me. I’ve not ordered as many as last year, just enough to cope with if conditions mean I can’t go to the allotment again.

I received confirmation and estimated despatch dates within an hour. I did wonder if there would be delays after England’s dramatic rise in the Covid League Tables (or is it a demotion?) but these dates look good to me (all but one by the end of this month. I just need to make a note about the artichokes which aren’t due until March). UPDATE: The raspberry has been dispatched – yay!

As hubbie and I are moving towards a mediterranean diet for health reasons, I thought I’d start early and sow a few Greek basil seeds indoors. They are on my study windowsill (mainly because I already had a pot with compost in it – whatever I’d previously planted didn’t germinate – and the seeds were to hand too). I’m more likely to keep a proper eye on them here.

So what if they shouldn’t have been sown until April. You don’t know if things will work until you try (and it’s only 10 seeds out of hundreds).

Have a good weekend, whatever the weather and your travel restrictions, and do drop in on The Propagator’s blog to see what our fellow gardeners are up to.