How is the weather where you are? At the moment we have sun and blue skies with fluffy white skies. I’ve risked putting out some hand-washing to drip – only on the clothes airer; the washing line doesn’t come out until March.

Despite the snow and cold temperatures of last weekend, my strawflowers survived – mostly! I’ve discovered how to take a decent photo using my mobile – point it at flower, touch the flower on the screen, and it autofocuses (don’t ask me how as I’ll never find it again),

My bay tree cuttings (saplings?) have new growth. These were also outside in the snow, though somewhat sheltered by larger pots from cold winds.

This time last week, this cyclamen was under a thick layer of ice. It always amazes me how plants recover so quickly.

And there are new leaves on both the lemon balms too. I’ve never noticed it has hairy edges to the leaves.

After the coldest night so far (Thursday) I spotted tiny tufts of frosty moss on the wall. Looks like the birds have been having a good peck at it too. This is the wall we had built in 2018; I didn’t even know moss had started growing until yesterday.

And, after just 10 days, two of my 10 Greek Basil seeds have germinated on my study windowsill.

Despite the sun, I haven’t got time to get out into the garden. Saturday is the start of a new week of studying. As my next assignment is due by noon on 4th February (a 2,000 word ‘story’, a 1,000 word commentary on the story, and a 500 word proposal for my end of year fiction piece, I’ve got to get going.

But I will pop back during the odd break to see what everyone has posted c/o The Propagator’s Six on Saturday