Six on Saturday: 23 January 2021

I did think I wouldn’t have anything to share this week, but I spotted these yesterday morning while chatting to an old friend. This morning we are back to snow first thing, sunshine now, who knows what later. Either way, it’s too cold to be out so I’ll be popping along to The Propagator’s Blog to see what everyone else is up to, and to salivate over the nice weather in photographs from our southern hemispere gardeners.

Hellebore Christmas Carol has been doing it’s thing without any help from me. I think it might benefit from a move to another part of the garden this year. Somewhere I can actually see it. I’m considering a revamp of my Shady Border in the back (removal of peonies and Japanese Anemones is one thought).

My first crocuses in the front border have appeared, none the worse for the unexpected snowfall on Wednesday evening after two days of rain flooded vast areas of North Wales.

Now there is new growth appearing on the fuchsias, I need to cut them back, but with more snow and rain forecast for this weekend, it won’t be any time soon.

Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ is looking fine, Heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’ not so good. Another plant looking for a new home this year.

Autumn Joy is sending out new growth too. This is one of the established plants in the lavender border, I haven’t checked the new ones I grew last year.

The herbs have weathered the recent storms, literally. Oregano, thyme and majoram here. I’m hoping the chives re-grow as I’ve had no success growing them from seed in the last three years.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 23 January 2021

  1. I’ve seen the Berry Smothis recommended in Amateur Gardening recently. They can look a bit ugly at this time of year, (mine, not yours) yet they shine later on.

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  2. There certainly has been a turn in the year, a change in the seasons, and it’s good to see new growth in plants. Now, we only need the snow to go away.

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    1. The herbs have been in this area for over two years but I’m thinking of putting them in pots as they are at the front of the house and easily forgotten. The chives do come back but I’d like more. This year I’m going to try Welsh onions, a perennial cross between a spring onion and a leek.

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