Even if I wasn’t working to a deadline for my OU course, I would definitely NOT be out in the garden, not even undercover, as snow has returned to North East Wales, and it’s getting thicker by the minute. So here is one I prepared yesterday – just in case. I’ll pop back later to check out other Sixes, courtesy of The Propagator, but for now, I’ve got to get my brain and fingers in gear.

First, a view of the inside of my Potting Shed/greenhouse. To the left of the picture are the three remaining bags of Pink Fir Apple potatoes (evidently the best way to store them over winter). To the right is my reconfigured mini-greenhouse (precariously balanced because several of the uprights collapsed and bent last year). In the box on the floor at the back is my new raspberry bush. There are plans afoot to move the two cupboards to the back (white) wall. Watch this space.

A new bud (one of four) on the raspberry, I’ll have to make sure I don’t accidentally knock any of them off (hence leaving it in the box).

Cupani sweet peas are still alive and growing, which is more than I can say for the two perennial seedling that started growing in November.

Last week, I mentioned new growth on the Autumn Joy sedums in the Lavender Bed at the side of the drive. Today, I was pleased to see new buds on most of the cuttings I took last year, which is great.

Thanks to the packs of free seeds I receive each month with Kitchen Garden magazine (sorry Irish friends), I have more than I can possibly use, which means passing some on to my fellow allotmenteers (provided we can find a truly waterproof container to keep the packets dry).

Perhaps I’ll have more success with this variety of beetroot than I have with Boltardy. Although the sowing instructions state 12 inches between rows, the final spacing after thinning is only 4 inches between bulbs: working with the ‘square foot’ gardening method, I will therefore sow nine seeds in one (approximate) square, or a twelve-inch square pot. Transplanting thinnings is not recommended, so why sow more than I need?

Likewise the carrots. The aim is for roots 2-3 inches apart, so that is the spacing I will use – either 16 seeds in one square, but – more likely – one seed between four onions (to mask the smell) and no thinning!

First thing is to get that potting shed sorted out and some galvanised shelving to act as staging.