A panoramic view of my drive (featured image) showing the Lavender Border on the left, and the sedum bed along the front of the house to the right. Further to the right, just out of shot (I didn’t turn fast enough for the camera) is the front border. For any who think I have acres more land than I show on this blog, I don’t!

I’ve given the grasses a lockdown trim and removed most of the iris foliage and dead Japanese anemone stems since I took this photograph. I just need to dig out as many anemone roots as I can, remove more iris, plant more fuchsia…

Last Sunday, it was dry enough (if not exactly warm) to tidy the shady border. I just trimmed back some extra-long clematis stems and reduced the Japanese anemones to ground level. I should paint that trellis green, then the green-mould wouldn’t show.

A third Greek basil seed has germinated – seven more to go!

Not a good image, but I had to be quick with this one – a male bullfinch just the other side of our boundary wall last Tuesday. There is a sparrow, but there was also a female bullfinch just out of sight. They are feeding on either nettle seeds or dock (who knows what lurks behind the wall?)

When you have to resort to chopsticks, skewers and wooden cutlery, it might be time to either pinch out the sweet peas for the second time, or transfer them into individual pots.

Iris reticulata ‘Joyce’ has arrived. I’m hoping she’s spread throughout this pot so I can split into smaller pots for next year.

It’s the start of a new module on my OU course today. Outside it is damp and murky, so I’m not bothered that I can’t garden. Instead, I’ll be checking up on everyone else’s projects and plants as co-ordinated by The Propagator each week.

My vegetable seed spreadsheet tells me I should be sowing aubergine, cabbage, cucumber, leeks, spring onions, parsnips (in pots) and tomatoes this month. I will, but not yet as I’m waiting for more shelving to arrive for the Potting Shed.