It was -5 degrees C in my Potting Shed on Friday morning (I haven’t ventured out this morning); all the water containers scattered around the garden for the birds have been frozen solid for days, while the last specks of snow linger on in the vegetable beds where the sun doesn’t reach. Hopefully, the weather forecasters have got it right and we will see higher temperatures from Sunday.

After last week’s untangling of the sweet peas, I have now alternated the root trainer pots to make some space between those that have grown (Cuprani) and those that haven’t (perenials). I fear this is a temporary measure and some drastic action must be taken soon. However, there are only a few roots showing so I think I have a little time.

Even though I know I’ve placed an order, receiving a parcel is – in these trying times – still a reason for excitement! This one arrived within four days of placing the order, which is pretty good. So what do we have here?

First, some vine eyes (because I needed to make up the amount spent to get free p&p, and they are always useful). Second, two large sturdy hooks and eyes. These are to hold the flap on my Potting Shed cupboard closed when not in use (before our robins or blue-tits decide to make a nest in there). Third, some hanging basket risers. After last year’s success growing salad leaves in hanging baskets, I’m upping my game with six of these. At £8.99 for three, I thought they were good value and I’ll get years of use from them. And the cardboard will go into the compost bin.

Yay. The hooks work.

My seed potatoes have finally arrived, along with some elephant garlic for my brother.

I’ve sorted out the veg seeds, now for the flower seeds – not that I have many.

It’s a mystery what theses seeds are. Mostly foxgloves but who knows what else? Cornflowers perhaps? I might spread a little joy by sprinkling these in the verge along the lane one fine morning.

I do like it when a delivery arrives on time. I ordered more shelving from IKEA and received a text at 8:50 this morning to say my order would arrive between 9:03 and 10:03 – it arrived at 9:33!

I’ll be spending the day studying, as usual. For anyone interested, I received 80% for my last assignment, possibly my highest marks ever across many years of education. So while I grapple with this week’s theme – Research and the Imagination – and dip in and out of The Propagator’s global Six on Saturday event for some light relief, I hope you have a good weekend in the garden, or – better still – keep warm inside and make plans.