Six on Saturday: 20 February 2021

Rain stops play – again – though it didn’t stop the window cleaner yesterday! I managed to sow some leek and tomato seeds in modules in the Potting Shed on Wednesday; because I think it is still a little early, weatherwise, for us, I’ve only used packets that were already opened – leeks and tomatoes (both will feature in their own posts if and when they germinate).

With warmer weather on Monday, I popped out to see what damage has been done by the recent freezing temperatures. Along with the pale purple crocus that have been flowering for two weeks or more, these pale yellow ones have appeared. I planted them in colour blocks right to left along the front border – pale purple, yellow, deep purple, white – and they come out in succession, never at the same time. You’d think I planned it that way! I didn’t.

Honeysuckle leaf buds are opening and clematis montana won’t be far behind.

After a slow start with only the lower pot showing signs of growth, the others have not only caught up but may soon overtake – if they don’t drown first. These contain muscari, crocus ‘Pickwick’ and anemone ‘Blanda Bleu’.

Iris reticulata ‘Joyce’ is making good progress but the primula is struggling.

At first glance I thought this herb (marjoram or oregano) had succumbed to the icy-cold snow, but there is new growth right down in the crown.

This fuchsia – and its mate – will, I’m sure, recover fairly soon.

All good things must come to an end. I have a new study module this week – Showing and Telling – which I’m looking forward to. In between reading and writing activities, I’ll be popping back to The Propagator’s blog to check out other Sixes and – no doubt – adding more plants to this years’ Wish List.

Whatever you’re up to, have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 20 February 2021

  1. Oh gosh! The poor fuchsia! I do hope it recovers. I’ve always thought of Fuchsia as been tender. Once the weather starts warming up I think you will have some lovely colour in those pots to brighten things up!

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