Six on Saturday: 6 March 2021

It’s another cold and grey day, though the cloud layer is starting to thin. It’s 4 degrees outside and the forecast is for minus temperatures overnight and again tomorrow. I only nipped out to water my seedlings, and that was enough for me. I’m content to read what everyone else has been up to courtesy of The Propagator’s Six on Saturday for this week.

The sweet peas survived both the extreme cold of winter and my first attempt at pinching out, but are getting too long and straggly; several have tendrils and one or two have the start of flower buds (that’s what they look like to me – without my reading glasses). Will they survive a second cutting back? Answer next week.

A small corner of my world has turned yellow, and there are more on the way.

I forgot I’d planted bulbs in the old washing machine drum. Alliums, or nectaroscordum (honey garlic). I had two packs of five bulbs and only used one pack in the front garden, so – another wait and see moment. You may have noticed something unusual to the left of the larger foxglove leaf near the top of this image – it is insulation. We keep finding pieces on the patio. Birds are obviously using it for nesting materials: we can but hope they are NOT taking it from OUR roof.

These definitely are alliums (the purple ones I bought in 2018) which I re-potted last autumn and have now moved out of this hidden corner before they bang their heads on the shelf above.

A pot of mizuna leaves has been growing away in the greenhouse over winter. Not, as I’d originally hoped, providing me with a steady supply of salad leaves, but it’s making up for it now, and it’s in the conservatory where is is easier to get at.

Though this hanging basket of salad leaves has a way to go.

I hope the weather is warmer and brighter where you are. I’m staying indoors. There is cooking and studying to get on with today. My husband had his first Covid jab yesterday afternoon, so now he’s working his way through the list of possible side effects listed on the leaflet they gave him. This morning, apparently, he is “fatigued”. Though it didn’t stop him showering before scoffing a cooked breakfast, he is still wandering around in his dressing gown. I’m keeping out of the way.

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 6 March 2021

  1. Cold last weekend here too, but this week is milder…. But that brings rain… Oh, and wild winds too.
    The sweet peas are looking great. Mine are growing so fast in greenhouse, they’re becoming pale green. I guess they need feeding.

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  2. We have been out all day, everyday, this week in the garden but the temperature only reached 7C yesterday so was chilly – wrapped up well and kept moving.
    Our son has had the vaccine and no side effects – as have our two neighbours, again no side effects.

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