With the new shelving in the Potting Shed filling up with vegetable seedlings and chitting potatoes, and a planned trip to the Recycling Centre next week, I’d been thinking about sorting out the Tiny Greenhouse. As Sunday morning was warm and sunny, we made a start.

The first job was to remove the bubble wrap I had carefully pinned to the inside last September in the hope I could grow salad crops over winter. Even with the additional insulation, the seedlings/salad leaves I started off were either eaten by slugs or went dormant until around mid-February – so while I have my thinking cap on for next winter – I’m already planning for summer and autumn.

I’m pleased I will no longer have to fight my way into the greenhouse through these layers of bubble-wrap.

After a good brush down, it’s almost back to normal. This year, I will grow some of my tomatoes in here, just to see if I can actually get them to ripen rather than pick them green and ripen them indoors.

And with the front border in mind, I have sown some flower seeds.

After removing several peonies from the front border last year (as well as reducing the iris clumps) I replanted the gaps with the allium bulbs, but as they finish flowering I want something to replace them – to encourage and support beneficial insects and also for some additional colour – so I thought a mix of taller annuals is the way to go. Most should be planted directly into the ground, but these few can be sown under glass now – so 12 scabious, 8 verbena bonariensis and 8 nasturtiums should give me a good start.