I always have to remind myself not to panic when I see others have sown their vegetable seeds and are even potting them on into larger pots or planning to plant them outside. This post is to remind myself to do things in my own time, based on previous years, as it will all work out in the end. Better late than never, and if something fails, just try again.

Leeks: Lyon (12 cells), Musselburgh (4 cells)

18 February 2021

13 March

And after three weeks – LEEKS! Yes, they’re tiny, but they’ve germinated and are growing.

24 March

31 March

Lettuce and parsley

21 February 2021

3 March 2021

And the lettuce has germinated already – from zero to hero in eleven days.

31 March 2021

Aubergines for the greenhouse, cabbage and parsnips for the allotment, salad bowl lettuce for hanging baskets

27 February 2021

11 March 2021

Cabbage and Salad Bowl lettuces are growing well. No sign of parsley or aubergines.

31 March 2021


23 February 2021

Parsley – flat and curled

Who knew chives should be germinated in darkness?

Basil and coriander. The basil seeds are on a disk, hence the larger pot.

23 March 2021

Time for some more herbs – from left to right – Greek basil, Black cumin, Sage, Red Welsh onions, White Welsh onions

Peas and Beans

31 March 2021

With sweetpea ‘Cupani’ still doing well, and no sign of any of the perennial sweetpeas germinating, I have re-used the root trainers to start my climbing beans, and started off some peas in half of the other root trainer pack (I’ll sow the other half once I see peas have germinated).

Butternut Squash

21 March 2021

With only 10 seeds in the packet, I’ve risked 4 dwarf butternut squash in this module. I also planted some tomato seeds.

Fingers crossed this lot keeps growing!